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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  August 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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breaking news overnight, violent protests erupt in milwaukee after a deadly police shooting. we'll show you the destruction that calling it a career. we'll show you the highlights of his last race good sunday morning. thank you for joining us here on news channel 8. the time is 6:00 on this sunday. ed is here with a look at the weather reporter: good morning. starting off fairly quiet although we will have a little more cloudiness. once the sun rises, you're going to notice that. right no, beautiful looking over downtown tampa. temperatures are mild. we're looking at 80.
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78 this morning in st. pete, 75 in zephyrhills and you're starting you're day at 79 for plant city, lakeland and a warm 81 in lake placid. hour-by-hour today, the numbers jump back into the low 90s. perhaps a degree or two cooler than yesterday thanks the to cloudiness overhead. you can see the clouds already beginning to spread in from south florida. also showers and thunderstorms offshore. i don't think rain is going to be much of an issue this morning but by this afternoon, we're going to bring back the 40% rain chance and get used to that. we're going to break down the rain chances in greater detail in a few minutes. breaking news this morning, violence, angry crowds took over the streets of milwaukee after an armed man was fatally
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mary, what do you know? >> this all started saturday afternoon when two milwaukee police officers stopped two people in a car on the city's in order to side. both people in the car ran away. the officers started chasing them and during that chase, an officer fatally shot a 23 year old man who was armed and would not drop his weapon when asked. shortly after, large crowds took to the streets some throwing things at the police. one officer was hospitalized after a brick went through his windshield and hit his head. buildings were set on fire including a gas station, beauty shop. three people were inside the gas station when the fire was set. >> as it turned out, two individuals, the gun was a stolen gun. the officer didn't know it at the time but there were
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twenty-three rounds in the gun that that officer was staring at, and i want to make sure that we don't lose any police officers in this community either, and that's something that has to be a concern as we stand here tonight. reporter: the mayor says at least three people have been arrested so far. the 24 year old officer who shot the suspect has six years of service with the department. three of those as an officer. at the time of the shooting, he was wearing a body ra was working. under state law, the wisconsin department of justice's criminal division will lead the investigation. local officials plan to meet with church and community leaders today to discuss ways to move forward. >> what a night in milwaukee. in georgia, another police officer was shot and killed when responding to a call about a suspicious person. police say that officer encountered that person and was
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when responding to a 911 call. new overnight, the northbound lanes of 275 in pinellas county are shut down now due to a crash. expect delays if you will be traveling that way. a serious crash in pinellas park overnight. police telling us two cars collided on park boulevard. at least one person has li traffic is being diverted around the crash. not one but two drivers arrested in one night for driving the wrong way on roadways. a woman was arrested after crashing her car while driving the wrong way. on the veteran's expressway, a tampa police officer spotted a car driving southbound on the northbound lanes. investigators say in both cases both drivers were under
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our focus on as well, not just that someone is missing a turn. these are people going out there and taking massive risks. >> got to be careful. the department of transportation has installed warning beacons to alert drivers but troopers explained there is no quick fix to this issue since impairment continues to be a major factor. in louisiana, unprecedented rains are triggering what there have been hundreds of dramatic rescues. . reporter: in parts of the deep south, the devastation is unprecedented. more than a thousand water rescues so far. its unlike anything 96 year old florence washington has ever seen. >> thank god i'm alive. reporter: we were there as
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>> thank you. reporter: here in baker louisiana near baton rouge, the desperation is mounting. >> the river has overflowed its banks. dozens of water rescues are under way. some areas seeing about 2 feet of torrential rain in less than 48 hours. >> i've got about 4 feet of water in my house. everything is ruined. reporter: ever where. this drone video showing the disaster in livingston parish. this is the 911 center. healther took these pictures while she spoke to us by phone. >> it is terrible. reporter: she was trapped with four children inside her home. home. >> our whole street, everything is a river. reporter: the governor
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floods, we don't know how wide the water is going get in those areas. reporter: in louisiana, it is a race against time. >> i have never seen nothing like this in my whole entire life. reporter: how quickly did the water come up here? >> really fast, really fast. reporter: joyce griffin is shaken. >> it's awful, it's awful. i don't know what else to say, it's just terrible. reporter: her home is unwa she is safe. . now to the 2016 rio olympic games and the big headline this morning, michael phelps swimming career is over. he says that he's retiring. phelps goes out after winning the 23rd gold medal of his career. this is the 4 by 100-meter medley. phelps dove into the pool with the usa in second place and was able
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there is no more. its a good way to end, you know. a good race, a victory, probably top three fastest i've ever swam in a relay. couldn't be happier. this is exactly what i wanted to do to end my career. reporter: making americans proud. coming up later, we will look back on phelps unprecedented career. toyota issuing ca >> plus, the pentagon taking a stand against the pokemon go craze. . >> and you're taking a live look at downtown tampa this sunday morning before the sun comes up. you are watching news channel 8 today. we hope you stick around with us. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix.
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idea. workers and contractors have been told to keep pokemon go and related games off of their work phones. pokemon is okay on personal phones but employees are asked to use sound judgment when they decide where to play. wearable technology is tempting to tech lovers and it seems like there's is always a new watch coming out. is it time for you to watch you will. they are unleashing a tick watch two. it pairs with any android or apple phone >we're seeing that watches are getting incrementally better with each generation. reporter: samsung, apple, and
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of smart watches this year. >> a shocking revelation about the backlog effecting hundreds of thousands of veterans. coming up, what the va has to say about its own appeals process. >> not a bad start this morning, we do have clouds spreading into tampa bay this morning and rain chances on the
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. a nightmare, another veteran needs help. he's on a list at the va, one of more than 26,000 waiting. exposed to agent orange during the vietnam war, he applied for disability benefits. they rejected his claim so he filed an appeal. steve andrews found that as of january 440,000 veterans had appeals the appeals program goes on for an average of 440 days. >> before he became ill, rob rubbed elbows with very influential people but in 2011, something started happening. >> my feet started getting very hot. my hands started shaking. reporter: rod soon needed assistance
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hand. >> i get the shakes real bad. reporter: rob was in the navy during the vietnam war. he went to shore frequently. >> planes went fly over head just pouring that stuff. reporter: that stuff was agent orange. once he was awarded an excursion to the beach. >> here we were having a picnic eating with our hand exposed to agent orange. reporter: the va rejected his disability claim. he is now 12,717 on an appeals list. according to a report by the va, it's appeals process is broken. the present legal frame work is complex, inefficient, ineffective and confusing. shocker.
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paper work. >> i would like to get somebody to tachiste us about that. >> they're thinking about it. >> unable to work, rob lost his business, house, and savings. he was told he might hear from the va in a year and a half. >> i said well, i could be dead by then. reporter: 80,000 veterans have appeals older than five ye 5,000 veterans have appeals older than ten years. the va is costing taxpayers $182 billion. if you have a problem you think needs to be investigated, call our 8 on your side help line. . we only had a few showers and thunderstorms yesterday. as a result, our temperatures were able to warm up. another day with low 90s. but you look at the month so
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through and it's been a roller coaster ride so far. had a very warm start and then the clouds and rain earlier this past week keeping us cooler than average. temperatures are back up but we'll slowly ease back down in the week ahead. 78 degrees this morning. we're going to call it mild, muggy. we will have cloudiness. mainly high, thin clouds. 86 by noon today, a mix of sun and for rain but the better chance comes in the afternoon. 80 right now in tampa, 75 for zephyrhills, 77 this morning in arcadia. not a bad start out there. you see the thing that we're watching this morning here, excess cloudiness. we now have more moisture streaming in across the sunshine state. right now, it's just resulting in some clouds.
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sprinkles towards fort pierce and palm city. i don't think we can rule out a stray shower in but i do think the better rain chance will come in the afternoon. water vapor imagery telling the story. we have a little low pressure system. yesterday, we were on the drier end of this system, but today, deeper moisture starts streaming across our area so that means a return to our seasonable rain chances. don't think we'll see too much breezes get going. i think we'll see a sea breeze collision along the coast. a stronger east and southeasterly flow will keep the west coast sea breeze confined to the coastline. a dry start monday as everyone heads back to work and school. we'll continue with the stronger easterly flow. that will keep can the better rain chances along and west of i-75 over the next couple of days. this flow will continue through midweek.
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week where we see that pattern change. so a 20% chance of rain inland, rising to 40% along the coastline:. low 90s coming our way. the clouds will hold down the temperatures perhaps a degree or two compared to yesterday. it's a typical summertime pattern with afternoon thunderstorms. may get dry air by next weekend. >> when those storms come through, its a good time to go watch the olympics. >> i like the way you think. >> coming up in sports, the florida state seminoles get some injury news
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. good morning. bucs head coach dirk cutter hinted at depth chart after the preseason opening game. we're not likely to see those changes until the bucs head to jacksonville to practice with the jaguars. one player that has helped himself is wide receiver russell shepherd. he caught the touchdown pass thursday night in that eagles game and continues to impress not only with catching passes but with special team duties. shepherd is battling for one of the top three
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why he's so valuable. >> biggest thing for me is to be able to make a impact for this team whatever they ask me to do. i'm a team guy first and that's kind of what i've been brought up on. on. >> shep is one of those guys that i find myself wanting to write him off as a wide receiver and look at him as a special teams, but you can't write him out. >> there putting in work. again, he had another chip on his shoulder because that was a team that cut him. reporter: all right. a week from saturday, week from yesterday, news channel 8 your official buc station presents the bucs and those jaguars, 7:30 kickoff. once again, we're going to broadcast that game on great 38. the channel numbers are on your
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state quarterback sean mcguire has a broken bone and will miss three to four weeks. mcguire will have a screw inserted into his foot next week. freshman dion francois will lead the team . the yankees, the tyler austin, his first at bat is a home run. the next batter is aaron judge, also making his debut and guess what, he also homers. that's the first time in major league history that two teammates go back to back with home runs in their first big league game. pardon our 1990s internet quality but the rowdies newest player, pc, scores his first goal with
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over the cosmos but a pair of penalty kicks allow the cosmos to tie it. up is there in new york, the rays and yankees will wrap up their series in the bronx. that's a quick look at sports. have a great sunday. >> dan, thank you. >> violence erupting in milwaukee overnight after a deadly police shooting. >> plus, marco rubio is fighting to keep been an easy battle. why he's getting heat from the
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. good morning. thank you for joining us. in our top stories this morning, breaking news out of milwaukee where police are restoring peace after a night of violent protests. just ahead, the destruction left behind and what shooting. florida's u.s. senate race is in if bay area. i talked with senator marco rubio act a controversy -- about a controversy he's facing from the lgbtq community. >> and michael phelps career can is over. phelps won the 23rd gold medal of his career last night. we'll take a look back on his career coming up. first, the time is 6:30 and ed is here with a look at the weather. reporter: we didn't have too many thunderstorms yesterday but i
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today with a slightly better rain chance. rain chance up to 40%. first look outside this morning as we are slowly approaching our sun rise. looking live from lakewood ranch, it's 70 degrees. 80 in tampa, 78 in st. pete and 75 in zephyrhills. now, we've also got some cloudiness spreading in from the south. excess moisture to our thunderstorms towards miami and a few more showers and thunderstorms in the gulf. your temperatures this time of year, normally right around 90. we'll be just above that at 91. tonight, you're going to keep it mild and muggy. 76 your average low. we're going to drop to 78. a better coverage of thunderstorms expected later this afternoon. we'll detail rain chances and also tell you if you need the
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chaos erupted in milwaukee as angry crowds took to the street to protest the death of an armed man at the hands of the police. this all started after a traffic stop saturday afternoon. reporter: yeah, it spiraled out of control control. two milwaukee police officers stopped two men in a car. the men ran away and the during that chase, one officer shot a 22 year old man who was armed and would not drop his gun when asked. people took to the streets to protest. some threw things at the police. one office every had to be hospitalized after a brick went through the window of his squad car. several buildings were set on fire including a gas station, beauty shop, bank and auto shop. three people
6:33 am
fire but were able to get out safely. >> the use of social media as the mayor mentioned, you know, to get additional people to the scene, you know, its amazing how many people showed up in a short amount of time. i think it's important to know that the neighborhood itself where the 14509ing occurred was not -- shooting occurred was not the source of the beam who aeried. reporter: the officer who -- people who ar reporter: the officer who shot the man was wearing a body camera that was working. at least three people have been arrested so far. local officials plan to meet with church and community leaders today to discuss ways to move forward. >> a lot of people wanting to know what's on that body cam video. thank you. new information in the deadly shooting of a new mexico police officer. two ohio fugitives have been arrested in the case.
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gunned down a new mexico police officer on thursday. also arrested james nelson. police said haynes was with nelson who are both wanted in ohio in the july 25th shooting death of a man. a mall in raleigh, north carolina will reopen today after panic shut it down saturday. reports of gunshots fired inside the mall sent shoppers scrambling to get out. other shoppers sheltered in place. witnesses claim that they heard inside the mall. a hillsborough county deputy is being credited with saving a 3 year old boy from drowning in the pool. authorities say the deputy was off duty when he pulled the boy from the splash pool at the waterpark. he then did cpr on the boy and was able to revive him. in your vote coverage, early voting for florida's primary gets
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thousands of voters have already voted early by mail. now you'll be able to vote in person. sixteen yell voting sites are open beginning tomorrow. you can find a full list of sites on tomorrow, u.s. senate candidate patrick murphy will be in town. he and bob buckhorn will visit tampa bay wave, an organization that helps entrepreneurs grow and run . senator marco rubio brought the fight to keep his senate seat to did bay area this weekend. rubio spoke to a crowd at the opening of the brandon office of the republican party of florida. he disputed reports that donald trump might impact other elections. the senate took heat from the lgbt community for speaking to a religious group who has been out spoken
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that program that communicated themselves in ways that i don't agree, to love, to love others. you don't have to [inaudible] it was the right nice do it. reporter: senator rubio faces carlos beruff in the primary. and the 2016 rio olympic games, it's another big day ahead as we find out who will be dubbed the fastest man in the world this year. . reporter: day nine of the 2016 rio olympics will be epic. it's the final day of golf and it will be one to remember. the first olympic medals to be awarded in men's golf will happen for the first time in 112 years. gymnastic gymnastics is back today for the men and the women. the women's uneven bar final may be the closest of the day but team usa's simone biles
6:37 am
women's diving takes over after gymnastics. china is favored in the spring board final but is also expected to battle with team usa. let's take a look at the latest medal count. team usa in the lead with 60 medals. we have 24 gold, 18 silver and 18 bronze. china is next with 41 great britain. paul ryan is in rio. you can catch reports from him throughout the entire olympic games. it's back to school tomorrow for more bay area students. polk and pasco counties will have their first day tomorrow. all local districts will end the 2016- 2017 school year in may. last year, some didn't end until june. first day of school is
6:38 am
you to share this special moment with us. send your first day of photos to today in lakeland, crews are slated to finish repairs to a sidewalk before students head back to school tomorrow. the $2 million project along old dixie highway was approved two years ago after two high school students were hit and killed walking home. news ne to see if the sidewalk is complete. at 3:30 this warn, the high school principal will lead a memorial walk in memory of those students killed. before it was closed seven years ago, this pool was the epi center of ybor. it is now finally back open. city officials opened
6:39 am
already a huge success. >> we had a lot of kids jump in at the same time when we opened the pool. most of the city council was here. we probably had another 50 to 75 people ready to get in. reporter: the pool will be open and heated year round. younger kids can splash around a separate playground. you needed that yesterday, it was hot. >> yeah, we didn't have too much to cool us down so yeah, that pool is lo love that idea. >> i mentioned we didn't have that many thunderstorms but we did get one picture. you can see the shower, that towering cloud coming off of it. and then the skies cleared out nicely for a beautiful moon. send us all of your weather photos, facebook or twitter at
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for a limited time, get a single day ticket for $69. only at seaworld. feel the predator power. . a number of nuisance alligator complaints increased in florida after a 2 year old was killed in disney. then, a distraught woman said she wants all gators removed from
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her dog. now biologists are coming to the defense of alligators. >> this is where that gator lies, right here. reporter: sue is understandably upset after she watched an alligator kill her beloved dog. >> i'll never bring my dogs back here again. it's way too dangerous. reporter: she wants the city of st. petersburg do something. >> i would like to see them take the gators out. they don't need to be in the middle of the city. >> without alligators, we world of trouble. reporter: damon shepherd is an [inaudible] with lowery park zoo. >> i know a lot of people are afraid of alligators. reporter: but he maintains alligators are florida's last remaining top predator. >> we have to have the predators. without things like alligators, we would be overrun
6:44 am
of these staple diets of the alligator. >> the gator must be watching for rabbits but now he wants dogs. >> to an alligator, a dog looks to them nothing more like a funny looking raccoon. to them, it looks like part of the menu so it becomes our responsibility to keep control of our pets and to keep them away from danger. reporting. this is a reminder for all of us to be careful around water. . we hope you're having a great start to your sunday. second half of the weekend now under way and we do have better rain chances coming our way. yesterday, we only saw a few showers and thunderstorms. they certainly packed a punch.
6:45 am
a typical mid-august weather pattern with afternoon thunderstorms. that trend will likely continue into next week and your temperatures likely staying at or just above seasonal norms. again, very similar to the last couple of days. despite clouds rolling in, we are experiencing a beautiful sun rise which will be in just about an hour. 78 is where we're starting this morning. your sky cast today, we will see a few more clouds today and that may keep our temperatures down a degree or two. we'll top off at 91 or 92 with afternoon rain chances at 40%. 75 for zephyrhills. and you'll see we've got some clouds spreading into tampa bay this morning. that's a bit of a change from the last couple of days. we are now seeing a big area of
6:46 am
yesterday. that changes head to. we are going to start off with clouds. now there are choreas cross southern florida but rain chances slim for the early part of the day. we are on the wet side of this system today. the deeper atmospheric moisture here. it's not going with to be an all day washout but it's going to bring our rain chances up just enough to prompt a better coverage of afternoon better rain chances today will be during the late afternoon and evening, especially along our coastal communities as everything generally rolls back towards the gulf of mexico. on monday morning, a dry start. everyone heading back on your monday commute. and a prevailing easterly wind. we're going to keep our rain chances to the coast. that trend will likely continue over the next couple of days as
6:47 am
giving that an eight. storms will have a general mix of clouds and sunshine for today. a light chop on bay and inland waters. 91 today, 92 tomorrow. the clouds will hold down the temperatures a few degrees and we're generally going to hold with seasonable temperatures in the low 90s, lows in the 70s and those afternoon rain chances, perhaps a little more moisture by chance of rain but watch out for those afternoon thunderstorms. >> we just heard two counties going back to school, they'll have to take the rain jackets with them. >> yep. >> michael phelps is retiring as programs the greatest swimmer and olympian -- perhaps the greatest swimmer and olympian in history. we'll look at what else could
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. now back to our coverage of the 2016 rio olympics. michael phelps says this is it for him. he retires with 23 gold medals. andy looks back at his career. reporter: michael phelps entered the global swimming stage at the age of 15. since that time, he has been the most dominating ever seen, swimming long enough to inspire a new generation of swimmers. look no further than katy. >> [inaudible] one as an athlete, the
6:52 am
>> he has taken swimming to a sport that used to be just well, that's an olympic sport. now it's cool. reporter: sydney, beijing, ireland, and now [inaudible] he has stood atop of an olympic podium 23 times. >> this is a young person's sport. this is a sport where teenagers are winning gold medals. he's 31. probably 55. the thought that he can still be at the top of the world on this is extraordinary. reporter: on top of the water in the water, phelps sometimes struggled outside of the pool. controversy, dui, and rehab. he came out of it to compete in his final olympic games. now a father, his fiance and song watched, cheering him on at every race.
6:53 am
i think they have a very special loving bond. i think michael's in a really good place right now. reporter: what's next for phelps? he says he's looking forward to spending time with his family. he'll continue his work with the michael phelps foundation. perhaps phelps also uses his free time to encourage change in the sport of swimming. >> if michael phelps speaks out about doping, the ioc will listen in a way they will maybe at the end of the day, that's michael's legacy, the combination of bringing children to the sport of swimming and trying to clean up the sport of swimming in terms of doping. >> he's changed the sport and he will continue to change it even past his retirement. >> it is finally setting in more and more that some of the things i've been able to accomplish throughout my career, you know, and wanting to change the sport, i'm seeing it firsthand and i think that's
6:54 am
>> pretty awesome. >> up next, it's a dream come true. we'll show you how this adorable puppy is changing
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your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at a dream come true for a 15 year old taken. lacy met her new puppy casper
6:57 am
diagnosed with lymphoma a year ago and the agency is hoping casper will give her something to smile about. >> to watch the transition from my little baby to her little baby, made my heart burst with pride. we saw things in the puppy that showed it would be intuitive and open to the little girl. >> you can see lacy smiling there. casper isn't lacy's only reason to the teen's cancer is also in remission. she has two reasons to celebrate this morning. >> historic flooding across louisiana this morning. >> plus, breaking news in milwaukee where riots erupted after a deadly
6:58 am
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breaking news overnight, violent protests erupt in milwaukee after a deadly police shooting. >> plus, michael phelps is calling it a career going out on top in the rio olympics. we'll show you highlights of his last race in the pool. goods morning. thank you -- good morning, thank you for joining us. ed is here with a look at the sunday morning weather. reporter: good morning. it's a very quiet start. we've got a little more in the way of cloudiness this morning but it's


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